Beginning the Book Blog

I could talk about books all day. I know there are so many people who can! Since I moved to Asia, almost 8 months ago, I’ve found myself moving in circles where books aren’t often a topic of conversation. I do have one close friend who is as a voracious reader as I am but I find that’s where the similarities end. She is very much into modern fiction whereas I rarely read anything less than 50 years old. However, we recently found ourselves reading the same book; Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer winning ‘The Goldfinch.’ It had been in my ‘to read’ pile ever since I had read ‘The Secret History’ years ago. When we both finished and discussed the book, I realised how much I missed just talking about books!

It was then I decided to start to blog. I’ve never done it before but I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs of others, especially when they are book orientated!

I then promptly procrastinated for a month. I’m only human! Watch this space for my first book review and top ten list!

Thanks for reading!


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