🐝 Top Ten Tuesday 🐝

I’ve decided to muscle in on The Broke and the Bookish‘s fantastic Top Ten Tuesday meme! This week it’s…

🌈 top ten books I love but feel like I haven’t talked about enough 🌈

So many lovely books, so little time! Inevitably, you end up talking about the most popular books and some of your other favourites get left behind. So, today is for them.

Watership Down

Watership Down (Paperback)

Watership Down by Richard Adams

When I talk about my favourite books of all time, this one is definitely in my top five. Although it is a children’s book, I only read it recently but I was so blown away by the adventure and morality in this book about rabbits. It had been in my to ‘to be read’ pile for as long as I can remember but I had always been put off by the animated film version I’d seen when I was younger. Seriously, harrowing doesn’t even come close (but it’s also super good!) But I’m so glad I put my fears aside and read it. It’s a long time since a book left me genuinely breathless with excitement but I definitely stayed up until the wee hours to find out what would happen to Hazel and his warren.


The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar (Paperback)

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

The book I read just before Watership Down left a profound mark too. Poignantly published just a month before her own suicide, the semi-autobiographical tale by Sylvia Plath documents a young woman with the world seeming at her feet. She’s attractive, incredibly intelligent and gifted but suffers from severe depression. Plath tackles isolation, depression and suicide honestly and her writing reflects her own immense gift for poetry. A must read.


His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials: Including All Three Novels: Northern Light, the Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass (Hardback)

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

With Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings being as popular as they are, it’s sometimes difficult for another fantasy series to get a look in but ‘His Dark Materials’ really is up there with the best. Controversially, the trilogy deals with Miltonian themes of Christianity, Original Sin, multi-universe theories, particle physics and philosophy among other cerebral themes. Pullman invites children to ponder these adult themes while they follow Lyra and Will in a story filled with adventure, betrayal and sacrifice.


The Secret History

The Secret History (Paperback)

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

The Secret History is recent Pulitzer prize winning Donna Tartt’s first novel and what a début novel! A terse thriller, narrator Richard reveals from the outset that one of members of an elite Classics group (of which he is part of) has been murdered. The novel follows Richard and the five other  Ancient Greek students and slowly reveals the details of the murder as well as the life of Richard’s peculiar classmates. Donna Tartt is a Pulitzer winner for a reason. If ‘The Goldfinch’ is looking a bit too big and scary, I highly recommend you start here!


Adrian Mole

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 (Paperback)

The Adrian Mole series by Sue Townsend

This is the series I’ve read more than any other (even Harry Potter!) It’s just so accessible, side-achingly funny and touching. Written in diary form, we begin with Adrian when he is 13 (and 3/4) years old and follow his teenage dreams of marrying childhood sweetheart, Pandora, and becoming an accomplished writer. Through the subsequent books we follow Adrian as he grows up, has children, a number of failed marriages and is completely unable to fulfil his dreams. It may sound depressing but no other books have ever made me laugh so much! Even the final book, where Adrian develops prostate cancer is addressed with wit and tact. Sadly, Sue Townsend died in 2014 so we’ll never know how Adrian’s story ends…

🐝 🐝 🐝

I’m really looking forward to hearing your unsung favourites so please leave a link in the comments to your TTT!  



🐝 Top Ten Tuesday 🐝

So I’ve decided to muscle in on The Broke and the Bookish‘s fantastic Top Ten Tuesday meme! This week it’s…

🌈 Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me! 🌈

Dearest Book Genie,

I have been an awful good girl this year (I assume Book Genie letters are similar to Santa letters right?) and I’m only asking for a few minor, miniscule, things! So in no particular order, I wish for…

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone fully illustrated edition.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated by Jim Kay available from Bloomsbury.

This is a strange wish. I actually own this book. However I don’t have it in my immediate possession. I ordered it the day it came out and sent it to my home in Wales (UK). So for the next four to five months that book will be mine but will be five and half thousand miles away. So Book Genie, I would like to peruse my lovely, new book just for one night and then have it safely transported back home. Preferably by Hedwig.

2. All the Harry Potter series fully illustrated.

I know this will come in time but I’m impatient and I want them NOW Book Genie!

3. To see all my books fully illustrated.

Quentin Blake’s illustrations of ‘The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.’

Pauline Baynes for ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’

I cherish poring over the illustrations in books. I adore Quentin Blake’s visions of Roald Dahl’s tales and Pauline Baynes’ take on the Narnia chronicles and would love to see all my books with such detailed and inspirational artwork! 

4. For J. K. Rowling to right a Harry Potter prequel.

I swear all my wishes aren’t Harry Potter related but this is such a must for me! The series would concentrate on Harry’s parents and the Marauders’ lives in Hogwarts and later in the Order of the Phoenix. Sirius would figure prominently!

5. To have a library gifted to me like Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

You know the one I’m talking about! Slidey ladders and all!

6.  For daemons seen in Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ to be real!

How cool would it be to have another piece of you to converse with, console with and cuddle with! I kind of think mine would settle into the form of a fox. Not wholly good, not wholly bad, dog-like, independent and quiet (except when they do that ear drum shattering ‘I’m being murdered’ screaming thing – similar to my singing voice in fact!)

7. To own the full collection of the Folio Society‘s books.

I currently own one. The Eagles of the Ninth and LOOK HOW PRETTY! I would like to catch them all please.

8. To own more of the Penguin and Puffin Hardcover Classics.

So far I have: The Woman in White and The Secret Garden. Seriously poor form! Genie, I would like these for Christmas please to take my mind off not being with my family and dog this year. Merci beaucoup.

9. For all my books in my library to be signed (dedicated to me) by the author.

“Just let me get my personally dedicated copy of Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’. Oh yes, I have a signed copy. Don’t you?” (Library fully signed me is a bit of a conceited arse.)

10. To read Sue Townsend’s final Adrian Mole book(s).

I was super depressed when Sue Townsend passed away last year. I began reading Adrian Mole’s diary in primary school (I remember it vividly as I had to read a passage to some external inspectors who came to school, and it just so happened to be a part mentioning how Pandora’s boobs were jiggling about and how she’d have to get a bra soon and I got SUPER embarrassed reading this aloud to the 60 year old man beside me. Cringe.) and he has been with me ever since. He is an honorary member of my family as we are all huge fans of his diaries. My mum and I even got teary when we found out he had cancer in ‘The Prostrate Years.’

So many questions will now remain unanswered: will Adrian go into remission? Will he ever have a successful relationship? Will he and Pandora ever get together?! I wish I could know!

🐝 🐝 🐝

So there’s my Top Ten for this week! I really enjoyed thinking up my wildest book wishes. I just need that genie to make it all come true now!

And just out of curiosity, what form do you think your daemon would take? Let me know in the comments!